With Impact Nails you can offer your customer a better performing product, which reduces application time without cutting back on quality.

We offer a superior line of nail care products available through our many full-service beauty distributors that include the finest salons, spas, beauty supply stores. We're not just another manufacturer, we are a true partner and friend in the nail industry.

Impact Nails Systems was created to fill an important gap in the nail industry. Between the big-name brands and local products, beauty salons were looking for a viable, economic business solution.

Elffy Ortiz is our International Educator & Nail Expert. All salon owners who purchase products receive an appropriate training.

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As a young independent woman, Mrs. Elffy Ortiz has always strived to make a difference in the beauty industry. As a nail professional she has always looked for ways to please her clients using only the best of products all at an affordable price range.

After noticing the failures of other low-quality products, she dedicated to research and efforts to create and develop the IMPACT NAILS SYSTEM LINE, which would revolutionize the way nail products are used today.

The treatment of nails is a serious business that not only improves the quality of appearance but also brings forth job opportunities and vast sales market both domestically and internationally scale.

The bond between our clients goes beyond the monetary compensation every day independent women whether it be for business or pleasure before.

Our company takes the extra step to make sure that we introduce our products to every beauty school and every beauty supply across the U.S. and the world. We understand that if we don’t work to take forward our line then our clients will never know the benefits or the feeling of what it's like to have unique nails using our product.